5 Ways You Can Help a Senior During the Holidays

Is there an elderly person in your family or neighborhood that seems to be keeping to themselves more than usual?   Do you find yourself wondering how they are doing more often?  According to the American Medical Resource Institute, “Approximately 6 million people over 65 are depressed. But unfortunately, few seek treatment. Chronic health issues, feelings of loneliness, and loss of loved ones can exacerbate feelings of depression and make the holidays a very difficult time for some seniors.”  Many older adults feel more  isolated as their children have their own families and jobs.  They may be living alone and retired.  They may feel  their world shrinking as a result of physical and mobility issues combined with social isolation.


So how do you reach out to these valuable members of your family or neighborhood without making them feel uncomfortable?  You’re very busy yourself!  When you  make dinner for yourself, make a little more for the elderly person in your life, and knock on their door!   Soup is always a hit!  

Here are five ways you can help the elderly family member, or neighbor, get more enjoyment from the holiday season:

  1. An important way you can connect with the older person is to listen.  Ask them how things are going and listen without interruption.   They will tell you.   If they are feeling lonely, including them in activities you are doing anyway  can really help them feel like they are part of holiday events.
  2. Ask them to come over while you are doing your holiday baking, and bring their favorite recipe.  It will help them feel less isolated, while connecting with happy memories.
  3. Bring them along to look at holiday lights and decorations.  By including the older person  they feel more valuable and a part of the larger community.
  4. Assist them in getting their holiday gifts, and wrapping them.  The elderly person will feel that  connection with family and friends, and feel comforted by doing what they have always done.
  5. If you feel like you need to get away for a cup of coffee, chances are your older family member or neighbor feels the same way!  Bring them with you to a local coffee shop, and chat with them just like you would with any friend.  


If you are unable to include the elderly person in your holiday activities due to your own circumstances, don’t feel bad!  You have your own commitments and though you would like to see them, before you know it the day is gone!


Please contact the senior assistance service professionals at Lifestyle Management of Colorado, LLC.   We work with seniors every day, and it is our job to assist the elderly we serve in feeling a sense of well-being and contentment, especially during the holidays!  We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of all the people we serve.