Find the Right Companion for the Seniors in Your Life

senior companionship in denver

Senior Companionship in Denver

A companion is defined as being someone with which you spend a lot of time. When you’re young, finding a companion and forming a bond is not typically a problem. You attend school with a close group of friends, you then go to college or work and spend a considerable amount of time with more people, and companionship just seems to find you wherever you go.

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Don’t Wait to Downsize: Tips from Your Denver Senior Relocation Specialist

Downsizing Tips From Senior Service Specialists

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When the time comes to change your older loved one’s living situation, will you and your senior be prepared? Too often, seniors and their family members put off downsizing until faced with a medical emergency, the loss of a spouse, or similar circumstance that necessitates an immediate move. An emergency downsize leaves little time for the emotional and practical demands of sorting through decades of possessions - yet this i
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New Year’s Relocation: Make Your Senior’s Move More Manageable

relocation services in denver For many seniors and their family members, the New Year brings plans for new living situations. Adult children who live far away and visit over the holidays realize their elderly parents are struggling with the upkeep of their home, or show signs of increased memory or physical issues. Those who live nearby suddenly see the incremental changes over time through the sharper lens of “last year vs. this year.” Celebrating and reminiscing flex to m
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5 Ways You Can Help a Senior During the Holidays

Is there an elderly person in your family or neighborhood that seems to be keeping to themselves more than usual?   Do you find yourself wondering how they are doing more often?  According to the American Medical Resource Institute, "Approximately 6 million people over 65 are depressed. But unfortunately, few seek treatment. Chronic health issues, feelings of loneliness, and los
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