No Time to Organize? Here’s How We Can Help

Home Organization

How do you organize every room in your house? With so many rooms to organize, it can seem overwhelming. IKEA released their Life at Home 2017 report, where they conducted 36 in-home interviews and surveyed 21,419 people. The report found that

23% of us feel stressed because we don’t know what to keep. When we don’t know what to do with our belongings, it makes it harder to properly organize.  With a busy schedule, it makes it even harder to find enough time to organize every room. Working with professionals at Lifestyle Management of Colorado, you can identify goals and design a plan to better bring your vision of your newly organized space to life. Not sure where to start? Professionals at Lifestyle Management of Colorado can help organize a number of rooms, including kitchens, bedrooms, and offices. Take a look at some home organization tips for rooms Lifestyle Management of Colorado professionals can help you with.

Kitchen Organization

Arrange kitchenware by frequency of use. More used dishes should be placed in easy-to-reach locations to allow for quick access when cooking. If your kitchen allows it, hang pots and pans to create more storage in the cabinets. To keep things simple, group kitchenware by purpose and place them in specific cabinets. This makes it easy to find the needed kitchenware for different cooking purposes. Use your drawer space to separate utensils. Make sure you’re not wasting time rummaging around looking for utensils.

Bedroom Organization

Use the space under the bed for additional storage space. Keep belongings in containers and label them to more easily group and find. Don’t let clutter pile up. Use shelves or drawers for space. 44% of people surveyed say home organization gives them a great sense of relief. Maximize your bedroom by using hooks and shelves. Create more space for your belongings and remove future clutter from your closet. If needed, supplies will be purchased to bring out the best of your bedroom.

Office Organization

Home organization isn’t the only venue for the advice we can provide. Create a color-coded file system in the office. Easily keep track of all related documents by placing them in a specific color. Equipment and supplies that are more used should be moved closer. Don’t strain yourself finding the supplies needed to complete a task. Put items used together, such as stamps and envelopes, in the same drawer space for quick access.

Lifestyle Management of Colorado professionals can help bring order to any rooms in need of organization. We will help you go through and decide to keep, store, sell or consign your belongings to make the organization process easier on you. Working with a professional to give your rooms needed organization makes your life more simple.

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