Find the Right Companion for the Seniors in Your Life

senior companionship in denver

Senior Companionship in Denver

A companion is defined as being someone with which you spend a lot of time. When you’re young, finding a companion and forming a bond is not typically a problem. You attend school with a close group of friends, you then go to college or work and spend a considerable amount of time with more people, and companionship just seems to find you wherever you go.

When you’re aging, however, you may find yourself with a smaller group of friends, limited mobility to engage at the same level, and a lack of companionship and connection with others. Typically, it’s not through lack of trying, but unfortunately, 59 percent of survey respondents aged over 60 who were lonely had a 59 percent greater risk of physical and mental decline. Being social is beneficial for your health, so finding the right companion for the seniors in your life is crucial.

What can you do as a friend or family member of a senior?

Over 126 million people in the United States work full time, and while this is beneficial for your wallet and the economy, it’s not so helpful for your aging relatives who may be in need of a companion. The less free time you have, the lonelier your aging parents or relatives can get, and this can have dire consequences for their health.

The first thing you can do is make sure you schedule a regular time each week to visit, or to have someone else visit, and help with anything they need. Even if it’s just half an hour once a week, it’s enough to let them know you care, you’re thinking about them, and you’re checking up on them.

Alongside a physical visit from yourself or someone nearby, try and plan a phone call for once or twice a week as well. This can offer peace of mind that they’re doing okay and can also be an opening line of communication for if they need help. Being a companion and a helping hand can be all the reassurance the seniors in your life require.

Consider senior services

One of the best things you can do for your aging loved ones is to get in touch with a provider of senior services to help you find senior companionship in Denver or elsewhere. Quality senior service providers can offer not only long term, short term or transition assistance, but they can also help your aging relative with a whole host of things such as companionship. Such a service can help your loved ones in more ways than one.

They can benefit from a grocery service, transport for medical appointments, prescription pick-ups, seasonal and holiday tasks, home organization, bill paying, and more. However, more importantly, they can be a friend. By getting in touch with a quality senior service provider, your loved one can be matched up with someone who could become a valued and appreciated companion.

Help them to join a club

Often, what can stop your senior friends and family members from finding companionship is not knowing what’s available to them. We live in a mostly digital age, and often, clubs and events are advertised online rather than by more traditional methods such as print media. Without knowing what’s out there, it can be hard for seniors to stay connected. This is where they may need your help.

If you know what they are interested in, try and find a local group or club that offers that hobby or program. If they are an avid gardener, you are sure to find a local gardening club for them to join, among many others. However, make sure you can provide transport if your loved one doesn’t drive or cannot make their own way there. They are more likely to decline the offer if they feel like they will be a burden.

Encourage them to move

It can be tough for your loved one to admit they can no longer live alone, but that can often be the reality. If the thought of packing up a lifetime’s worth of possessions and organizing a shift to a care facility is a daunting prospect for both you and your loved one, consider using relocation service in Denver. They can make the process go so much smoother, giving your family peace of mind. What’s more, your loved one will benefit from senior companionship in Denver once more, as well as round-the-clock care.

Finding the right companion for your senior loved ones can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Look into senior companionship in Denver, and make sure your loved one knows they are not alone. Going the extra mile can do wonders for their mental and physical health.