Decluttering & Simplifying

Our consultants focus on assisting our clients in going from indecision to decision regarding their possessions. We help our clients identify the items that are most important and make sure those objects are highlighted in their home.

We all think differently, so each organizational plan reflects the person using the space. People who have hoarding tendencies are assisted in a very non-judgmental way, that enhances their safety, while they maintain a sense of control of their environment. We focus on providing solutions that simplify our client’s lives.

Services We Provide

Our organizers are experts in helping people who are experiencing changes in their lifestyle. Our team of professionals are able to efficiently and supportively organize a specific space or the entire home. We respect the memories the home contains, and as a result are dedicated to working together to create a comfortable lasting organizational system that highlights the items most treasured.



We divide the items into keep, donate, trash and sell areas within the room.


Disposing of Items

We work with an eco-friendly company that takes items for donation and disposal.


Secure Shredding

We work with an certified onsite data destruction company.

Recent Projects

What Our Clients Say…

Sometimes life gets bigger than us, and we don’t know where to start. In my work, when clients talk about feeling overwhelmed by the chaos and disorganization in their home or office, I send them right to Laurie! They are always impressed by her efficiency, her kindness, and her skill in helping them finally get organized. She also has a great sense of humor—which really lightens things up when you’re feeling bogged down! 

- Paul Sigafus

Lifestyle Management of Colorado is fantastic! Laurie came to my office and helped organize the entire area. She helped sort and throw out old files and unused items. I would use Lifestyle Management’s services again without question!

- Skyler Malley

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to determine your goals.

2. Customized Plan

We develop a unique plan that reflects your needs.

3. Schedule Appointment

We’ll schedule an in-person and/or virtual organization service.

4. Organize, Sort, Declutter

We’ll work with you to sort items starting in the most troublesome area.

5. Evaluate & Revise

We evaluate together.

Get Started

Our services help you simplify your life. We’re caring, experienced and committed to providing individualized solutions for your needs.

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