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Do you spend a lot of time looking for things? Are there parts of your home or office that are pure chaos? Do you have company coming and the spare bedroom has become a storage unit? Is it scary to go into the basement?

We can help you improve the functionality of your home or office!

Services We Provide

You will feel such a sense of accomplishment!  Your time is precious and having an organization system in place helps things to run much more smoothly. 


Identify the goals for the space


Design a personalized organization system


Sort items into categories: keep, donate or toss


Arrange for pick-up of donated and stored items


Coordinate with consignment store


Follow through with the design plan

Bring your vision for the space to life!

Recent Projects

What Our Clients Say…

I strongly recommend Laurie and Lifestyle Management of CO!! My wife and I have been working with Laurie and can’t imagine our lives without her. She has an amazing ability to help organize our space and encourages us to go from indecision to decision. Laurie helped us become more productive and efficient because of her processes. She listens to our needs and bases her suggestions around what would work best for us.

- Andy Knutson

Laurie is a godsend and should be incorporated in everyone’s lives! My husband used Laurie to help him organize his office and it went from “papers all over the floor” to a nice, neatly organized space. Laurie also decorated my photo studio for xmas and all I had to do was “show up” and enjoy. She also worked with a relative of mine who was clearing out an older friend’s over-cluttered house and the difference was HUGE. Laurie is simply the BEST!

- Kelly Weaver

Our Process

1. Free Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to determine your goals.

2. Customized Plan

We develop a unique plan that reflects your needs.

3. Schedule Appointment

We’ll schedule an in-person and/or virtual organization service.

4. Organize, Sort, Declutter

We’ll work with you to sort items starting in the most troublesome area.

5. Evaluate & Revise 

We evaluate together.

Get Started

Our services help you simplify your life. We’re caring, experienced and committed to providing individualized solutions for your needs.

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