Details of a Well Organized Closet

Do you find yourself lost in the clutter of your closet? According to professional organizer Regina Clark, the average household has 300,000 things.  How do we efficiently deal with that many items?  Lifestyle Management of Colorado professionals will work with you to create a personalized organization plan for your closet. Identify goals with closet organizers Denver trusts to create a lasting organization system easy for you to manage.

Making the Most of an Organized Closet System

Start clearing out your closet by sorting into categories. Make the decision to keep, donate, consign or throw away your items. We will work with you to help sift through the different piles and take them where they are needed. Reduce clutter and allow for more needed space to properly straighten and organize your closet. As you clear out space by sorting through your items, your closet will begin to look much bigger than before.

Utilizing Storage: Vertical and Horizontal

Gain more space by using  both vertical and horizontal space as needed to organize your items. Using vertical storage and horizontal storage can help increase the space of your closet. With the addition of some simple hooks on the wall or door, create more space to hang clothing and other belongings. Use more vertical space by stacking storage bins with pull out drawers to allow for easy access to needed items. Placing shelf dividers in the closet can help separate and organize different items into their own location while making sure they remain in place. Shoe shelves are a great storage solution that can remove shoe clutter from the floor while creating a specific area for just your shoes. Multi-hangers allow you to hang multiple clothing items on one hanger.  These are just a few ideas that help create more space in your closet.

If you do not have the supplies needed to create your personalized closet organization system, our professional organizer can help get the storage solutions needed to maximize your space! Most of the time, we able to use the storage and other items that are already available in your home. Reduce the clutter in your closet while working with a professional organizer to design a personalized plan that helps you become organized and simplify your life.

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