Relocation 101: Hire a Relocation Concierge to Reduce Moving Stress

Why Does Moving Cause So Much Stress?

Moving. Such a simple word for one of the most stress-inducing experiences in life! Relocating may involve selling a home, buying a home, packing, working with movers, researching new schools and preparing for new jobs. Each of these activities include their own to-do lists that can seem endless, and the magnitude of the logistics may be overwhelming. In the meantime, everyday life must go on!

Are you preparing for your first move or have you been around the relocation block a few times? In addition to the mechanics of moving that sap time and energy, one reason moving is so stressful  is that you don’t do it frequently. Even if you have moved more than once, the demands of moving are not part of your routine. Richard S. Citrin, an organizational psychologist and a writer of “The Resilience Advantage,” told the New York Times: “We build routines to make things as efficient as we can. When we move, we do something very foreign to us.” He added that “It all takes a lot of mental and physical energy, and that expenditure of energy is very exhausting.”

Professional Relocation Assistance Makes Moves More Manageable

Moving introduces many activities that are not part of your routine, and therefore can feel very inefficient and upsetting, even if you are excited for the move. One way to diminish the stress associated with relocating is to hire a relocation concierge. For these professionals, the tasks of moving are routine! Securing a relocation specialist to organize your move relieves you of some of the time-consuming and stress-inducing burdens of relocating, and lets you focus more on routine elements of your life that help ground you.

Our Denver relocation concierges can coordinate your pre-move organization, manage movers, and if your move is local, help you get settled in your new home. We have found that pre-move organization especially helps smooth the transition. Sorting items to be kept, donated, sold or stored ensures you don’t move items you don’t use anymore. Designating locations for items in your new home reduces time spent digging through boxes trying to find things. Your personal relocation manager can even supervise your movers or “wait” for service providers doing last-minute home repairs so you can attend to other demands.

Denver Moving Specialists Ready to Help with Personalized Relocation Assistance

Yes, moving typically ranks in the top five most stressful experiences in life, but getting help to manage your move can ease the burden and reduce your stress. The relocation professionals at Lifestyle Management of Colorado can assist you at every phase of your move with services tailored to meet your needs.  Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!

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